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☆彡hardcore enthusiast

parox?#9297 ; [email protected]

thanks for sticking around (^^)/

i have a complex relationship with my gender, but the bigender label fits me the best
use both he/she pronouns for me and if we're friends use mirrored pronouns B]
^ i'm also mlm + wlw for the above reason

i'm an enfp, 7w6, gemini (jun 15)
i'm a veryyy anxious but still get my energy from being around people!
wanna be able to fix that soon d(^_^)b

hmmmmm u clicking on 'hardcore enthusiast' tells me that u r a very cool individual! hello cool person!! im also into breakcore, breakbeat, ukg, 2-step, four on the floor and house (and most other electronic musics)
hard rock, metal and post hardcore is super cool too!
i also draw ponies, code and occasionally attempt 2 make silly musics of my own

(shoutout to cvrs for these cats!)

i have adhd and anxiety, sorry if i ghost, ramble (or go mute) or forget important stuff ! its never personal and lmk if something is bothering u \o/

special thank youz 2 awesomed people in my life!

jaz (the hottest most sexiest most pengest girl ever i cream whenever i see her) 1/2 of my favourite people, has stuck with me thru thick and thin, i've never clicked so effortlessly with someone, i love her like i love bassline

jamie 2/2 of my favourite people she is so caring n sweet n funny n perfect n bwaa, whenever they text my brain goes dog mode bark bark wooof i love her like i love ukg (a lot)

ash (the hottest most sexiest most lengest guy ever i cream whenever we call) complements me rlly well, feels like we've known eachother our whole life hehe

brynn!!!! eeek im so happy i met them they r so amazing n i will beat up anyone that says otherwise growlll

cvrsed is so awesomed he makes cool musics and is one of my best friends i think helo cvrs!!!

acid is a veryyy based individual!!!!! awesomed music taste n super sweet 2 talk to, im so glad i met it :]

damien is so freaking kind, his art is a huge inspo, i know we dont talk much but he's always there for me when we do heart emoji