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☆彡hardcore enthusiast

tomboyish sidetails#9297 ,, dscrd server

thanks for sticking around (^^)/

mirror pronouns or just he/she pretty please
^ im boygirl girlboy neither boy or girl yet both a boy and girl

i'm an enfp, 7w6, gemini (jun 15)
i get anxious but get my energy from peoples d(^_^)b

hmmmmm u clicking on 'hardcore enthusiast' tells me that u r a very cool individual! hello cool person!! im also into breakcore, breakbeat, ukg, 2-step, four on the floor and house (and most other electronic musics)
hard rock, metal and post hardcore is super cool too!
i also draw ponies, code and occasionally attempt 2 make silly musics of my own

(shoutout to cvrs for these cats!)

i have adhd and anxiety, sorry if i ghost, ramble (or go mute) or forget important stuff ! its never personal and lmk if something is bothering u \o/

special thank youz 2 awesomed people in my life!

jaz (the hottest most sexiest most pengest girl ever i cream whenever i see her) 1/2 of my favourite people, has stuck with me thru thick and thin, i've never clicked so effortlessly with someone, i love her like i love bassline

jamie 2/2 of my favourite people she is so caring n sweet n funny n perfect n bwaa, whenever they text my brain goes dog mode bark bark wooof i love her like i love ukg (a lot)

ash (the hottest most sexiest most lengest guy ever i cream whenever we call) complements me rlly well, feels like we've known eachother our whole life hehe

cvrsed is so awesomed he makes cool musics and is one of my best friends i think helo cvrs!!!

acid is a veryyy based individual!!!!! awesomed music taste n super sweet 2 talk to, im so glad i met it :]

damien is so freaking kind, his art is a huge inspo, i know we dont talk much but he's always there for me when we do heart emoji